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Social Media and Smartphone Facts: Review of Why Men Look For Business & Love While Women Seek Games & Knowledge

Social media and mobile use give us a treasure hoard of insights about our general habits as a community. So it’s only inevitable that we find numerous surveys about the two platforms based on one of the most popular categories: gender difference. These...
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Retaining Information as Professionals

It’s no secret that technology is changing the way we do business. Large companies like Apple and Google are continually introducing new technology that impacts multiple industries and countless professionals. As these specific changes continue...
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Important news about our iOS apps

Hello guys, this has been a pretty awesome start of a year. Now we have more than 10 apps and games in the iOS store and trying to update and maintain all of them is becoming more difficult. We want always to support as many users as possible on as many...
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Status Update – 07.01.2014

    We are so thrilled by the reception and download of our apps that we are in a big dilemma which app to update first. So i am writing this post to keep the users updated what is going on and what they should expect. Football Stars and Basketball...
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Create custom posts type on WordPress

Hey guys, i found out the easiest way to create custom post types on WordPress. I am sharing with you this amazing link, so you will save a lot of time searching for it. A...
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WordPress and Git

Hello guys, this is a quick post regarding something that all wordpress developers must face at some point of their life. I am talking about maintaining wordpress code using git. I found a great tutorial from LogosCreative how to do this. Follow the tutorial...
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Quick Tip: iOS 7: Misplaced View Frame for “Label – Label” will be different at run time

Hey guys, i was having this issue with my latest iOS 7 app and i thought that this might be of help. Then i found the solution on StackOverflow. Question just finished an app on iOS 6 and bought a developer account a week ago so haven’t had much...
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SensorTower Review, part 1

Some time before i stumbled upon some new services that will help me get greater downloads for my apps. One of those was SensorTower. It looked very good and clean, so i decided to open a new free account just to try it out. I tried it, but since my deadline...
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Say hello to Basketball Quiz – 2013 Stars Edition

We are very happy to introduce you the most complete and engaging basketball quiz for iOS. Is completely free and packs a large amount of features. Give it a try on the appstore. Watch an image and guess which basketball star it is. Have great fun with...
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Football Stars Quiz updated to v1.1

Hey guys, we updated Football Stars Quiz to v1.1. We added Game Center functionality, so you can compete with the entire world and earn achievements. What are you waiting, jump in.