See a list of 10 time saving web design and development tools that will make your life easier as a developer or designer.

In our field it is important to know how to do specific tasks and use creativity to achieve our goals, however it is necessary to have the right tools in order to get our aims in a more efficient way. Here you have several tools for different steps on our daily work, from scratch to production:

Mockup Tools



MockFlow is an application based on Flash which allow you to create a wireframe with simple elements to develop a prototype so you can show your concepts to colleagues and clients. The points in favor to this service are a fast wireframing tool and its collaborative purpose.



FrameBox is a drag and drop application which aloud you making fast wireframes using ui elements, resize them and even you can set layout width for making low quality prototypes for responsive web design. You can share your designs by social media or mail. Simple and efficient.






A cool place to find very good icons with great look and feel. From movies to animals, vintage and modern electronic devices, it is very convenient to check it out.



This site has a collection of icons, you type on the search bar and then it retrieves you the result. Pretty much stuff we can find out there, but there is something extra: after picking the desired icon, you are able to personalize it, so you can change background, angle of image, foreground color, etc.



This is the right place for someone who is looking minimalistic icons. Shapes can be downloaded in png or in SVG format.



All icons displayed on this website are released in pure css with only one html div, it aims to show the potential of CSS3 for creating visual objects and an alternative to SVG for responsive web design.


We Love Icon Fonts

We have talked about this guys even before, in this article, and here they are again.

This site offers icon fonts in order to be used as simple icons. You should add the font you like into your collection, @import to your css with the url, then associate a class to it and then apply it where you consider convenient. Here you have an example.





Texture King

Texture King shows different categories related to textures and inside them you can get many options to download.


Lost and Taken



10 Ravens

10 Ravens has free textures, stock images collection and 3D models. Very nice resources for exigent people.

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