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Duuro 7 ways apple watch

7 ways to start developing for Apple Watch

If you’re an iOS developer and haven’t yet learned how to build apps for the Apple Watch by using its WatchKit framework, you’re a little late now. But don’t lose hope. There’s still time.

The internet is buzzing around with comments and articles about the newly(possibly game changing) Apple Watch. There is great interest, which means great possibilities for us developers to start making some more money.

I learned a great deal from the following resources I am sharing with you.
I developed an Apple Watch app for MoneyCoach – The best personal finance trainer, which is now under review by Apple.
I also started to develop 2 apps for Apple Watch.

So I can say that these tutorials have done their job! Continue Reading…

Thanks 1 million Dribbble

1 Million downloads on the Appstore

I am super excited to share with you today some great news for us. We reached a small personal milestone.
And for this I would like to deeply thank every user which downloaded our apps and games and used them.

1.000.000 downloads on the Appstore within one year!
There are a lot of zeros, I know, right :)

It was (and still is) really an amazing experience to touch so many users.
We have now on the Appstore around 14 apps and we are working super hard to release updates and bigger improvements.

Our latest app (and mission) MoneyCoach is our top priority as we want people to become financially stable and increase their income

We would like all the help we can get, so if you are interested to join us and contribute to the next milestone,
just write me an email at

You are amazing!

Thanks again,

Fifa 15 Guide updated

Last week, we updated the Guide for FIFA 15 and I am just blown away by the reception.
The downloads have quadrupled and people are loving it.

We have some updates on the pipeline that will make FIFA 15 better.

iPhone5 Screen 6

MoneyCoach updated to 1.2

We released a big update for MoneyCoach that include several bug fixes and some new features:

– Better support for TouchID
– Transactions are grouped by date now
– Identify transfers better
– Added validation rules for transfers
– See transactions for every account
– Fixed small bug with pageControl
– Fixed a bug when displaying the Transaction by Category report
– Fixed a bug when setting a transaction as recurring

If you haven’t update it yet, then please go on Appstore and get the latest version.

You will thank us.


It is with immense joy that we released MoneyCoach over one week ago.
Since then we received some valued feedback and the app has been doing great so far.

We are constantly improving the app and fixing some stupid bugs.

If you want to contribute or have something to report, please write at We will be happy to assist you.

parse+swift header

Integrate Parse in Swift

On my last project, MoneyCoach, I had to integrate Parse in Swift. And after searching a lot and trying different solutions on StackOverflow, I decided to be a good citizen and save you guys a lot of time.

I will also cover in the next part to support iOS 7, because in iOS 7 the app crashes if you use the boilerplate code from Parse.

Of course this tutorial is focused only for the iOS users.

Continue Reading…

iOS 8 Localization – Updating Storyboard and Xib Strings Files Using ibtool

This is a quick snippet on how to update your storyboard translation file, after you change your main Storyboard, for example, if you add or remove some new UILabels, etc.
I thought it would be kind of handy to have it here, rather than going through all the Apple Documentation. Enjoy
When you change user-facing text in .storyboard or .xib files, use the ibtool command to generate new strings files. Use another tool—for example, FileMerge—to identify the changes and merge them into the existing strings files for each language you support. Xcode doesn’t automatically update the corresponding strings files when you edit a .storyboard or .xib file.In Terminal, change to the Base.lproj folder, and run this command to generate a strings file for an xib file:

  • ibtool [MyNib].xib --generate-strings-file [MyNib_new.strings]

Optionally, localize the changes in the output file before merging the changes with the [MyNib].strings file in each lproj folder. To launch FileMerge from Xcode, choose Xcode > Open Developer Tool > FileMerge.

Alternatively, you can use the ibtool command to merge translations back into a nib file and perform other incremental localization updates, as described in the ibtool man page. Or use the appleglot command to manage changes to the strings files, as described in Localizing Text Using AppleGlot.

Screenshot 2014-11-02 10.21.07

Why your inbox is broken and nobody can fix it

When it comes to technologies and other cool stuff that promises new habits and life changing experiences, I like to call myself an early adopter.

The last 10 days or so, the email was the buzz them, and this because of an awesome service (and app) released by Google. Probably you know I am talking about Inbox by Google.
I jumped in to the beta programme and I have been searching, reading and playing with it. Continue Reading…

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