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You will learn German nouns in no time with Der Die Das App

Are you struggling to learn the gender of the German nouns? We sure were, that's why we decided to make an App for that. Say goodbye to all the struggle, sweat and tears and welcome Der Die Das, your new companion app on your way of learning the German language.

This application will enable you to learn and memorize the gender of more than 1.000 German nouns. This collection contains the most commonly used German nouns and with the help of it, you will master Der Die Das in no time, we can guarantee you that!

Other than just being a teaching and learning app, we wanted to make it fun. That's why we included a experience system in it. For each noun you get right, you gain experience. The more experience, the more achievements you get which you can share
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What are you waiting? Just download it now and learn German the easy way.

Learn German Nouns by playing and having fun

Learn German Nouns Der Die Das is the simplest way to learn german words by playing and having fun.

With 3 different game types and with more than 1000 words, this app will be your new best German friend.

Learn German Nouns contains 3 game modes:

  • Time Trial
  • Word Rush
  • Endurance

By playing every day, you will learn faster the most used German nouns and the "Der Die Das".

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