Hello guys,
this has been a pretty awesome start of a year. Now we have more than 10 apps and games in the iOS store and trying to update and maintain all of them is becoming more difficult.

We want always to support as many users as possible on as many devices as possible. But our limited resources and our new ideas and projects are taking too much time. So we decided to drop iOS 6 support for most of our apps.

So the new app updates will be only for iOS 7, considering the fact that now there are more than 75% of iOS devices running iOS7. And in the following months the new iOS 8 will be released also.

We hope that this doesn’t effect many of our users, but please understand our situation and know that we need to make some sacrifices, in order to keep creating new apps and games.


Perjan out!


  1. Lisbet Ryg Olsen

    Please help.

    I have bought the pro version of the german nouns. I Can see no difference between the two versions.
    I have tried to correct a word in both versions of the app, but the word still come with the wrong gender. What’s wrong?

    With best wishes Lisbet

    • Dear Lisbet, the difference between the two apps is that the pro version is ad free and it will have more options coming out now.

      Regarding the word correction, thanks for noticing it. We are investigating it as we speak and we will roll out an update soon.
      Thank you

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